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Writing and managing blogs

Social media and content marketing: the strategies your business can’t afford to ignore in 2015


The new year is an ideal time to look at your business marketing plans, whether you need a complete overhaul of your existing practices or simply to step your efforts up a gear or two. If you compete in the digital arena – and let’s face it, most businesses do nowadays – there are two…

Copy for websites

An effective website needs skilful copywriting. Here’s how we can help…

Have you noticed how effectively some websites grab your attention? Would you like your website to have the same powerful impact – in other words, the ‘wow’ effect?

Here at Consilium Design we believe the magic ingredient is clever copywriting.  Sure you can have a beautifully designed website with attractive images and even well-written copy….

Well written website content

Goodbye SEO. Hello to well-written content.

Optimising your website is no longer the key to having a well-positioned website listing in Google.  With each new algorithm update,  Google is pushing aside the websites that rely on search engine optimisation and pushing up the sites that have informative and unique content.

“SEO is a big industry. According to a site called…