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Free high-resolution stock photos.

Free royalty free images for your website

Fed up with the high charges incurred when just a simple image is required for your blog post?

We understand that finding high-resolution, professional images for your site can take time as well as money and so we have compiled a few links to get you on your way, and the good news is that the…

Well written website content

Goodbye SEO. Hello to well-written content.

Optimising your website is no longer the key to having a well-positioned website listing in Google.  With each new algorithm update,  Google is pushing aside the websites that rely on search engine optimisation and pushing up the sites that have informative and unique content.

“SEO is a big industry. According to a site called…

How do I findn images for my website

Why good imagery is so important

“a picture paints a thousand words”

If chosen correctly, images dramatically strengthen all articles and posts by delivering an instant and lasting message. They can be the only reason people stay on your web page and continue to read or why people pick up a leaflet on a table or stop at an advertisement in…

Website creation and online management package


Social media optimisation is a minefield for new businesses. In addition there are so many things to consider when setting up on the Internet:-

Website  creation and development, Blog creation, Online maps for your business, Analytics accounts to record data from the website, Email accounts, Domain names, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter accounts, Publicty online, Advertising,…

Top tips for website marketing

Top tips for effective website marketing in 2013

Top tips for good search engine optimisation and successful online marketing


It’s quality, not quantity! Use PR and social marketing to get high quality links to your site. Don’t worry about automated link exchange programmes, it’s not going to benefit your site any more, start writing instead. Run a blog, update it regularly, share it. Get people involved….

Pumpkin colour scheme

Pumpkin colour scheme

With #halloween2013 upon us,  today’s post is a Halloween colour scheme, one simple and one for the more complicated parties or costumes.

Full pumpkin colour scheme

Colours from left to right:

1. #663300 (Brown)

2. #e05e17 (Light orange)

3. #e78a1b (Yellow/Orange)

4. #291c1a (Dark grey)


Yeseva One free font

October’s pick of free fonts to download

3 free fonts to download.

Getting the right font for your literature and website is imperative for your company’s successful branding and placement.

We choose 5 of the best free fonts available this month.




unique business cards - 700gsm business cards

Great design ideas: Business cards

Ways to be original with your business cards ….

Instead of using the normal paper thickness of 350gsm, try using thick 700gsm…

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