An effective website needs skilful copywriting. Here’s how we can help…

Have you noticed how effectively some websites grab your attention? Would you like your website to have the same powerful impact – the ‘wow’ effect, in other words?

Here at Consilium Design we believe the magic ingredient is clever copywriting.  Sure you can have a beautifully designed website with attractive images and even well-written copy. But if that copy doesn’t reach out and pull potential clients and customers in, it’s just not doing its job.

Let’s put it this way. Instead of content that’s merely adequate (and – let’s be honest – in many cases rather dull), you need dynamic, marketing-savvy copy that’s so much more than a routine description of what you do and the products or services you promote and sell.

Our copywriting service provides bright, informed content designed specifically for your business, starting with a tailor-made concept aimed at engaging your target audience or market sector.

Our standard package provides content for your website’s home page and up to three more pages. We also supply up to five lively, attention-catching straplines matched to carefully selected images, which together advertise your business effectively. In simple terms, we make your website work that much harder for you.

Here’s a rundown of what our package includes:

  • Initial phone interview
  • Identification of target audience
  • Company ‘personality’ creation
  • Mission statement (if required)
  • Concept creation
  • Straplines and sourcing of images (unless supplied)
  • SEO-angled copy based on agreed key words for up to three pages (including home page and headings)