The evolution of web design

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“In the beginning

In the early 1990s, we welcomed the first publishing language of the Web: Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML.

But the language – used to share text-only pages via a simple browser – was limiting. Many early web sites were basic, using vertically structured, text-heavy pages with few graphics. People quickly adapted to vertically scrolling text and eye-catching blue underlined hypertext to navigate the virtual Web space…

The future of web design

The history of Web is relatively short, yet it has gone through a succession of renaissances in a short period of time.

Previously, technology drove advances in web design. But I believe we are at a point where web design is no longer limited by technology. Virtually, we can do pretty much everything we might want to do on the Web.

The future of web design is no longer about what we can do, but rather about what we should do. That means being considerate about how design can affect the people who use it, and designing websites that result in positive experiences for users.”

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We are finally were we want to be as graphic and web designers. Back to being creative and really understanding our client’s unique needs. The next thing we need to consider is designing websites as a virtual reality business or experience, e-commerce sites can become 3 dimensional shops where we can pick up items to have a look at them more closely. We are only lacking touch, taste and smell, but I imagine that is already being worked on.

We have all we need in terms of tools so now we can simply relax, get inspired and create!

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